The Complete Process Of Wikipedia Page Creation

The Complete Process Of Wikipedia Page Creation

Wikipedia is one of the ever-growing online encyclopedia ever existed and survived on the internet. It’s a free platform and so provides a fair chance to everybody to edit and create a new wiki page. You can get a chance to be on Wikipedia if you think there is something worth sharing about your life or your work. If you want to write for someone else there are certain things you need to take care of.

As you might have witnessed that Wikipedia has an extensive online presence. It entertains more than a billion online readers. It has placed some strict rules and restrictions for the writers and editors to follow. The official editors of the platform pay utmost attention in scrutinizing every content and making it is flawless to share on the site.

You need to obey the policies and follow each instruction to create a well-versed content for your Wikipedia page. The process of Wikipedia page creation is may not be complex but it is lengthy, as every area needs attention and time to be invested for better online reach. So, here is a compilation of a short guide that can help you compose a great Wikipedia page in no time.

The Researching and Data Collection Process

You have to have a solid ground if you are planning to compose a Wikipedia page. You have to create the content with utmost sincerity and smartness. It should be creative and appealing. You have to research the information from reliable sites and platforms. You have to be sure about your data whether it is worth reading or not. You have to spend time getting sources that are unique and interesting. However, be careful not to select the information that is vague or false. You have to create an authoritative page and for that, it is crucial to have a proper bunch of information.

The Formation and Writing Style 

The next most important thing is about the writing style. You have to compose the page with a professional writing style. You cannot write sloppy sentences or stuff too complicated jargons. You have to take care of the readability issue. Your content must be easy to grasp and should be rich with messages. Do not waste the time of your readers by composing content with uninteresting aspects of the topic. You have to make sure what you are writing is worth reading.

Moreover, you have to make sure that it is well-formatted. Use bullets and subheading or try making interesting taglines and title content to garner more attention. You have to make sure that it is interesting and it can withhold the attention for longer. If you want, you can use images and pictures to maximize the appeal. Simply make sure that your readers do not bounce back and way for longer on your Wikipedia page to grasp its core message.

Proofing and Citation 

You have to carry out extensive proofreading of your article. Use tools that can entice your readers and make you able to wipe off the errors. You have to make sure that the content is free of every loophole. Secondly, for referencing use Harvard style as that is approved by Wikipedia. You have to gather sources, which are reliable and authoritative to add in the citation. If you forget to add the citation, your page may surely be rejected.

Wikipedia Policy and Page Submission 

As you know Wikipedia has several instructions; therefore, you have to get the idea of all the policies and make sure your content is backed on proper grounds. You have to follow the exact Wikipedia instructions about the formatting criteria, content research, and topic idea. You need to make sure there is no promotional link added within the content and that it is free from argumentative aspects. Moreover, before you submit the article do make sure you have created the Wikipedia profile. To create the account you have to make an account on the Wikipedia platform and add your credentials. There you can add the link to your company’s page or any social media link that you would like to promote.

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