Why Entrepreneurship Education At Home Matters So Much

Why Entrepreneurship Education At Home Matters So Much

Entrepreneurship is all about growth, innovation, and creativity. Entrepreneurship through gamification offers the opportunity for students to learn experientially in ways they never can inside a classroom using textbooks or by attending lectures alone.

Students have the chance to learn how to run their own business learning such industry-specific skills as marketing, finance, operations management, and interpersonal communications. 

by ‘levelling up’ throughout the course.  It allows children (and adults) who may be less academically inclined. to learn in a format that works with them, rather than against them. These individuals finally have a chance to stand out and shine.

As parents and educators, we need to teach Entrepreneurship in the simplest form for students at a young age. Once they get a taste of success, learning new things that create positive and maybe even profitable results, they will naturally become more energized and excited to learn and take on new challenges. The lessons learned while engaging in entrepreneurship simply cannot be overstated.

Think about entrepreneurs across all industries and how much more beneficial it would be for them if they had entrepreneurship education in the classroom as a formalized, necessary part of their learning experience.

These skill-sets that children will develop developed can help students to thrive throughout their educational and professional careers all while doing something meaningful and perhaps even profound to them.

The Myths About Entrepreneurship

It’s difficult for parents to know what type of educational path their child will take. Will they focus on going into an academic field such as medicine or law? Or will it be something in the trades such as construction or plumbing?  There are endless opportunities in sectors such as retail, dining and travel, so perhaps that is where a job will be sought.

Of course, in virtually all of these examples, there is one thing in common – in each, your child is working for someone else.  Is there anything wrong with this?  Absolutely not!  Our society is built on the structure of earning an income and we cannot all be the boss. 

What we are proposing is that there is another option for children and adults alike.  Entrepreneurship, and all that it teaches us, could be more beneficial in the long term as along with it comes a sense of pride and ownership that is different from what is found when working for someone else.

Allow me to walk you through some of the myths surrounding entrepreneurship.

First Myth: Entrepreneurs are Born, not Made

Some people believe that if they are not born with the ‘entrepreneurial gene’ then they will never be an entrepreneur.  This is simply not true.  Just like any skill, entrepreneurship must be practised and honed over time.  Do some people have a more initial aptitude for entrepreneurship – sure they do.

Just like some folks can seemingly speak multiple languages with ease.  What we don’t see, however, is all the ‘behind the scenes work that each person does to turn their natural aptitude into something so much more.

Second Myth: There is a Secret Key to Instant Success

Who was it that said “the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have?”.  I would tend to agree with this and also add the caveat that ‘the more I love my work, the more success comes my way’.

Many people think that there is some secret key to success.  That as soon as they get their product or service to market, they will become an instant success.  Alas, I have some bad news for you – counting on instant success is no different than trying to win the lottery.  The difference here is that you have likely spent a lot of time and money getting to the launch phase only to throw this all away waiting by the sidelines to be noticed.

Comparing your entrepreneurial journey to that of anyone else is a sure-fire way to lose the energy, creativity and drive you need to be successful.  Had I done this, I would never have been able to create or maintain the 8-figure business I own right now. 

Third Myth: Entrepreneurship Education (or lack thereof) Doesn’t Matter

It is rather a common misbelief that in order to run your own business you need to have an education akin to an MBA.  With that thought, let me bring forth the idea that running a lemonade stand at the end of a driveway, or offering to shovel driveways for a fee requires nothing of the sort.  Yet are these not entrepreneurial endeavours? 

Perhaps we are thinking of entrepreneurship the wrong way.  What if, in this particular case, we sell the product or service first and then go to our parents, teachers or other entrepreneurs to ask what’s next.  For what is our first foray into entrepreneurship but a giant ‘learn as you go’ lesson that we hope bears fruit? 

Fourth Myth: You Have to Have one Idea That no one has Ever had Before

The answer to this is a resounding no! When it comes down to it, entrepreneurship usually entails innovating on a product or service that.  For example, remember what a huge craze Crocs were when they first arrived on the market? 

Do you remember how ugly we all thought they were before we realized just how comfortable they actually are?!  Now, how about a few years later when onto the market came all the little decorations that you could plug into the holes.  Did you know that these were first created by a woman?

It’s okay not to have an original idea for your company. It doesn’t mean you can’t be successful in business. It all depends on how innovative a person you are to tweak and make something that is appealing and useful to the target market. 

Fifth Myth: Entrepreneurs Should Invent Their Own Product for Success

The fifth misconception is that entrepreneurs need to invent their own products to sell. False!  While there is no doubt that a powerful new idea can help get the ball rolling, it can be difficult to come up with an entirely new product or service. Selling other people’s products, however, can be much easier and more profitable in some cases. 

One example of this is when Jeff Bezos founded Amazon.  He had no products of his own to sell yet saw a need for an online marketplace from which you could purchase almost anything you wanted. He took his incredibly successful idea and then branched out to offering things like free shipping to draw even more business his way.

Sixth Myth: Entrepreneurship Education is for the Rich and Privileged

A final myth is that entrepreneurship can only be taught to those who are already wealthy or powerful. Oh how utterly ridiculous this is!  Entrepreneurship, and learning about it, takes courage, creativity, determination, and hard work regardless of what your background may be.

The benefits of entrepreneurship in education are numerous and, when it comes down to it, the basis for much of the skills we will need as adults. 

One of the underlying goals is for students to learn how to think critically about ideas and decisions from a variety of perspectives. This includes honing skills such as teamwork, networking, communication, and leadership, that will help them succeed no matter what career path they choose.

Why have I talked about all of this with you today?  Well, I’d like to bring to you a new initiative that will introduce and teach entrepreneurship to children from eight years old and up.

  Being a life-long and successful entrepreneur myself, it has long been my ultimate dream to distil all that I have learned into a program that can be taught in schools or by parents to their kids. Thus URLYstart was born. I don’t know how long my daughter waited, but one day (at 11 years old) she arrived beside the desk in my home office and asked if I would help her to set up her own online business to sell homemade dog treats.

Tempted though I was to drop everything, I asked her to write down her idea and to include goals, budget, etc and bring it back to me the next day.  From here began the process of our working together so she could learn all the steps from having the initial idea to her first sale – and what an exciting day that was!

It was during this process that the idea to create and offer a Gamified Entrepreneurial course finally finished percolating in my brain and sprang to life.  What I am offering is a program that will teach kids to be entrepreneurs online, and to do it around things they have are passionate about. 

URLYstart will introduce and teach students through gamified levels that will end with them owning and operating of their very own online business. Instructors will be on hand to guide students, and their parents or teachers, along the way.  Graduates will be able to become mentors should they desire, further honing their entrepreneurial skills.

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