Easy-to-use Online Video Editors in Your Browser

Easy-to-use Online Video Editors in Your Browser

One of the great advantages of recent technology improvements is that it has become extremely easy to do what was so far complicated. In the past, editing a movie required months of work, as well as proper equipment and space… and a lot of patience! Have you ever imagined manually editing the frames of a film to make meaningful video sequences?

However, today there are many video editing programs that make this task easier. If about 15 years ago this type of software was reserved for major movie studios, the situation is very different today. Through the Internet, we can easily buy quality solutions with simple and intuitive interfaces to edit images, assemble sequences and make videos with photos and music. In this article, we will discuss a few video editing tools.

FlexClip is one of the extremely complete and affordable free video editing and manipulation service, ideal for all beginners who want to edit videos.

This service was developed in 2018 by PearlMountain Limited with the goal of providing an easy browser-based video maker to achieve professional results without having any knowledge in the area of ​​video editing. Since then, this service has received numerous updates as well as huge support from the community. It can be considered as one of the best free video editing tools on the market.

It is currently available in the browser, which means you won’t have to install anything on your computer or mobile for both Android and iOS.

In addition, this tool has a very nice and objective interface. In just a few minutes and with just a few clicks you’ll be able to split, cut, and rotate the video clips. And then, you can customize it by adding caption texts, logo, transition effects, background music and even voice recordings to your video. The tool also provides millions of high-resolution photos, royalty-free video footage, and music tracks for you.

However, even though it is inferior to these programs, the functions available in it do not disappoint. Anyway, FlexClip is a powerful and extremely simple online service that provides everything you need to easily edit videos without having to have any knowledge in the area. Would you like more advice on web services to use to edit an online video? In that case, take a look at the platforms listed in the next lines: they could do just for you.

Would you like more advice on web services to use to edit an online video? In that case, take a look at the platforms listed in the next lines: they could do just for you.

Another of these is  Magisto. This service, also available as an app on Android and iOS devices, is free of charge. But it must be specified that it has some limitations as it is possible to subscribe to the Premium subscription for the service. In fact, in its free version, this application only allows you to make a video consisting of only ten photos. After importing all the photos, click Select editing style, to choose a theme as a basis. Then select a music track from the list and add a title to your presentation.

Kapwing is an online service that, without any registration, allows you to edit videos, place them side by side, rotate them, cut them and add them to some effects or background music. Its only limitations are the impossibility of adding background music to the videos generated and the presence of a watermark on the output videos, which can, however, be removed by paying $ 6 per video or by subscribing to a $ 20 / month subscription.

Animoto is also a very simple Web application in use. However, it is paid, but it is possible to sign up for a free account to evaluate the service. You can then create your video presentations and add photos and videos to the project, you can also insert music tracks and text boxes. In terms of technical features, its tools are traditional, so you will have no problem understanding how to use it if you already have a minimum of experience in editing a movie.

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