How are Online Tutoring Startups Changing the Way of Education?

How are Online Tutoring Startups Changing the Way of Education?

It is quite a widespread belief that schooling and university education is extremely important for anyone in today’s world. Nowadays, people also tend to have more resources to invest in their child’s education than before. This way, they can make their child’s academic experiences highly effective and profound.

Most schools and universities are continuously evolving around the world. It comes as the economies, people, cultures, technologies, and other things change at an unprecedented rate. In other words, you wouldn’t find the topics in your child’s academic syllabuses present at the moment in those of a decade ago.

However, with the increasing complexity of subjects and even new subjects being added to educational curriculums of institutions around the world, students sometimes are not capable of keeping pace with it. What would you do in such a situation?

One of the most common ways students evade this problem is by joining tuition classes besides those that take place in their school or tuition. But as the internet becomes more accessible and cheaper, many choose to use it to supplement their education. It has led to various online tutoring startups being founded by different entrepreneurs.

Online tutoring is changing how people around the globe see education. It is transforming the limiting belief that education is something that can be gained only by sitting in a classroom with a teacher giving lectures. Besides that, parents are striving to offer better education to their kids and are finding more value in online tutoring as compared to the traditional approach. There are quite a lot of reasons why such startups are changing the way of education. Here are a few of them:

Cost-effectiveness and convenience

The fees of schools and universities around the globe are skyrocketing. While this is because they are innovating, researching, and adding new facilities to their campuses, not everyone is financially capable of paying for that. Online tutoring, on the other hand, tends to be cheaper in almost all cases. Since the lessons taught online as well as in physical classrooms are essentially the same, online tutoring is a more cost-effective option when it comes to education.

It is the case because online tutors can reach out to a lot more students as compared to teachers who teach offline. Moreover, since online tutors don’t need to be physically present with their students to give them lessons, they have much more flexibility. It is also useful for students as they can have tuitions according to their own schedule, which makes the service very convenient.

Online tutoring as a supplement to traditional learning

Many times students come back home without developing a complete understanding of what they were supposed to learn on a particular at school. Over that, they are expected to come back the next day to learn something new. It can cause a learning deficit over time for students, making it hard for them to grasp new concepts and catch up with the pace of the curriculum.

Online tutoring can help fill this learning deficit by being a supplement to traditional learning. Students often use online tutoring as a remedy for such issues. They can use the service to revise concepts with expanded information and examples. Moreover, tutors can also be instructed to focus on certain topic areas where a student is weak. It will not only prevent students from falling behind, but it can also be great in reinforcing their education.


There are a lot of courses, diplomas, and even degrees available on the internet that students can access online. Since there is no compulsion for doing a particular course, they can happily choose one according to their interests. Not only it allows students to understand what they find fascinating but also helps them to explore new areas of study.

As they can identify topic areas that they wish to learn more about, it allows them to get specialization in the same. It often helps them get an edge over other students and also improve their career prospects in the future. Many online tutoring startups are flourishing as they offer streamlined courses which cater to the specific interest of different students.

It is very unlike traditional education, which tends to make it mandatory for students to study a set range of subjects. The rigidity of the system is something many students dislike, which also leads them to dislike the whole idea of learning. However, online tutoring startups are playing their part in changing this.


Unlike a traditional classroom, online tutors can focus on just you. Generally, traditional classrooms have a ton of other students, which leads to teachers not being able to focus on any single one. It is quite a different case with online tutoring.

You can communicate with online tutors in a one-on-one conversation, which improves the academic experience you have. The tutor can understand how you learn best and can adapt his or her teaching style accordingly. This way, you can have a better chance of actually learning about different concepts.

Students are usually allowed to give feedback about the tutor they have online. Not only it allows the tutors to know where they can improve, but it also gives the students a voice that they perhaps do not get in traditional classrooms.

Final words

Online tutoring startups can be an incredible force in making education a fun and fulfilling experience. They play a crucial part in transforming the image of education as something boring and rigid by catering to students’ specific needs. It can be helpful in a particular area of a subject, course-specific to a career field, real-life application of theoretical concepts, and much more.

There are a ton of online tutoring websites. If you are a student who is struggling in a particular topic area or someone who wishes to explore new fields of study, online tutoring is something you should give a go. Most websites also have a trial period which you can cancel anytime you want.

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