NeoDove Launches NeoBiz To Enable Easier Sales Management For SMBs

NeoDove Launches NeoBiz To Enable Easier Sales Management For SMBs

With work from home becoming the new normal following the pandemic, businesses have greatly felt the need to digitize their workflow. According to a study, almost half of the small and medium-sized businesses agreed that they required a digital solution to sustain their business and keep up with consumer demands. 

With the growing need to go digital and the increasing consumer demand, it has become imperative for businesses to adopt the right tools to sustain their business. NeoBiz was launched to meet this growing need. It is a free sales management app designed specifically for the 6.3 crore SMBs of Bharat present across tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 cities of India.

NeoBiz is a product by NeoDove, a SaaS startup founded in early January 2020 by Arpit Khandelwal (ex-Ola and IIT Bombay alumnus) and Ankit Kumar Agrawal (ex-CarDekho and ex-Cvent). In March 2021, the startup raised $1.5M in a seed funding round led by India Quotient.

Following the success of NeoDove’s sales engagement and tele-reach solution, the founders decided to launch another product that was both free and easy-to-use and that specifically addressed the sales needs of micro, small, and medium businesses. Thus, NeoBiz was created.

NeoBiz allows users to access all customer data in one place and engage with them using multiple channels including WhatsApp, SMS, and in-app messaging. In the latest update, they also introduced the team management feature, using which users can now add team members, assign them tasks and keep in touch with them through group messaging.

To further optimize the process, users can assign each contact customized labels and tags. They can set reminders, schedule messages in advance, and send important offers, updates, and reminders via multiple communication channels.

In addition to all its features, NeoBiz provides users with accurate metrics on their business’ progress, allowing them to make more informed decisions.

Arpit says, “NeoDove has been solving medium to large companies’ sales problems for a long time. Now with NeoBiz, we are aiming to empower micro, small and medium businesses to enhance their sales management.”

By making this sales management app as simple as possible and including in it the essential features for a simpler sales process, their aim is to help businesses improve their sales results effortlessly.

Since its launch, the NeoBiz app has gained tremendous traction from thousands of users. In fact, within just 10 days of its launch, more than 5000 users registered successfully, and the number of downloads continues to climb.

“Using our services should not be a complicated process for customers. Our UI is kept simple and straightforward, keeping in mind the needs of small and medium businesses. One doesn’t even need a demo to get started with NeoBiz.” Ankit said.

NeoBiz isn’t stopping here, there is still a lot more planned to ensure an even greater customer experience. There are plans to integrate with Facebook and Google Ads, to offer telephony services, to provide a multilingual interface, to allow users to create customizable message temples, and so on.

The last year had been a tough one for SMBs, but no matter what the year is, the right measures at the right time will take businesses a long way. And NeoBiz is keen on empowering millions of SMBs to hustle forward and grow their business exponentially.

See NeoBiz in action today, download the app now from Google Play Store.

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