Key Things to Consider While Buying a Saree

Key Things to Consider While Buying a Saree

Saree is not just six yards of fabric but an emotion for the maker and the wearer.  It is a piece of garment mix of traditions and culture, much loved for its ethnic charm and sheer elegance around the world.

Saree is our cultural heritage preserved for hundreds of years and passed gracefully from generation to generation. Nowadays Sarees have become immensely popular and have created a buzz, especially in the modern generation.

Sarees come in a wide selection of designs and styles and each makes them look glamorous in different ways. From regional traditional wear to modern contemporary fashion one can flaunt herself in their preferred styles.

Saree draping is an art and it gives everyone the freedom to become an artist. The way you drape a saree decides your look. Play with the drapes as per the mood and occasion and every time the outcome will be different. An ethnic wear saree can be paired with a spaghetti blouse to give it a contemporary look.

Saree is a timeless drape, which allows a woman to bring out her inner diva, and the Selection of the right Saree can be a daunting task for you. But Geroo Jaipur is here with a complete guide to Buying Saree. Below are the points to keep in mind while purchasing a saree:

1.    Occasion: “One must dress to the occasion,” This proverb says a lot.

From wearing it in the office to wearing it at a party you can pick sarees for every occasion. You have to keep in mind the event for which you are picking it, accordingly you can go for the right art and color.

Endless occasions and events are lined up and it is very difficult to pick the right Saree for them. To help you decide even better, some points are listed below :

For Weddings: A typical 3 days event needs different types of Sarees every time. Geroo Jaipur has curated a special wedding collection for all the events.

For Festivals: Gone are the days when Red was the only trend in festivals. You can experiment with the day looks in pastels and breezy colors with rich embellishments and pick the dark colors for evening festival celebrations.

For Corporate: Formal meets require a more sophisticated look with fewer experiments. Minimal is the key to getting the perfect corporate look. Go for an elegant Saree that is light and easy to manage.

2. Weather: Climate and weather conditions are another important factor. India is a treasure of vivid mesmerizing fabrics which includes cotton, Kota Silk, Chiffon, Organza, Chanderis, Silk, Georgette, and so on.

 Go for lightweight and breathable fabric in summer-like chiffons and georgette. During the chilly months pick a fabric like Silk that keeps you warm and stylish at the same time.

3. Work Type: Another factor that needs a little extra observation is the type of work. Intricate detailing and embroideries on each fabric represent different traditions making every piece different. Distinct types of arts amalgamated with different fabrics offer a new design.  A hand block work on cotton fabric is a perfect fit for daily wear, whereas a hand block art on Chanderi makes it saree party wear.

4. Price: A notable feature of Saree is they are versatile and offer endless variety with different price points. The range tends to be so tempting that you will undoubtedly get puzzled so let the Saree talk for itself. Buying a hand-crafted sustainable Saree is equivalent to purchasing a high-end quality product at a good price.

Where to Buy Sarees?

Despite so much modernization around the world, the love for sarees is unbeatable. Even after keeping all the factors in mind, choosing your favorite saree offline can be full of hurdles. Make a wise purchase with authentic sellers online like Geroo Jaipur.

GEROO, representing the ‘Gerua’ (pink) color of Jaipur. As the name suggests, Geroo is very vernacular in nature, we capture the rich and enchanting colors of Rajasthan and blend them with contemporary style; our designs are classic and timeless. a blend of heritage fabric with contemporary designs and clean lines to come up with fashion.

To assist you in easing the burden Shop From The Latest Collection of Geroo Jaipur. Be it office parties or weddings, from Chanderis to Organzas their collection is a perfect fit for your needs.

Happy Shopping!

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