7 Steps to Finding the Right Digital Marketing Agency in Pune

7 Steps to Finding the Right Digital Marketing Agency in Pune

A competent digital marketing agency in Pune plays a very key role in the growth of a business. It is responsible for planning and managing a campaign for its clients, monitoring the results regularly and updating the client of the same with inputs for future action to achieve a positive result in terms of awareness, conversions, customer base, and revenue. Having an in-house team is an option, but not an easy one, especially for a small business. It can become nearly impossible to keep oneself updated with the frequently changing marketing trends unless you are in the thick of it.

To choose a marketing agency that can carry out the above-mentioned roles to perfection, you need to search for one in a very systematic manner and the tasks start with you. If you follow the steps described below, you will be able to find the agency that is perfect for you.

  1. Assess the Marketing Needs of Your Company

This essentially needs you to evaluate your current business scenario and how you would want it to change as a result of your campaign and what kind of money you are willing to invest to get the desired result. Would you want your brand to have greater awareness or would you like to get more customers/clients? Once your goal and budget are clearly defined, you can begin your search.

2. Find Agencies That Suit Your Purpose

List out every digital marketing company in Pune. Delete any agency that does not have an online presence. Next, delete any company that is not able to market itself well and then look at the others to see what they offer amongst their services. Look at their websites, blogs, social media and see if they live up to your expectations. Continue with the ones that can possibly help you in achieving your goals. Do look at the costs of the agencies and eliminate any that are beyond your budget.

3. Assess the Agencies

The elimination process will continue until you find the right agency. The next factor to look out for is their work ethics and background check. You can evaluate them through the work that they might have done for their clients. If anyone in your circle has used their services, you can take their feedback. If not, you will need to ask the agency for references.

4. Speak to the Agencies

It is important that you set up a meeting with the agencies in order to understand their working methods. You will be able to get the right information if you ask the right questions. Remember to ask them to show you some sample work. Ask about the qualification and experience of the likely team to be assigned. Ask about their contractual terms with clients and the outputs that they typically offer to them. The KPIs measured and the frequency of reporting the findings is very important.

5. Request for a Proposal

You would have removed some more agencies from the list in the previous step. Ask the rest to send you a proposal based on your brief. This will help you collect detailed information about the agencies and simplify your selection process. Based on their proposals, select the agencies that match your key criteria.

6. Assign a Sample Task

Request the agency to work on a short sample project to serve as an example of their capabilities. This sample will tell you a lot about their skills and expertise in the field. Apart from assessing them, this can also be used as a benchmark for their work in the future.

7. Meet the Agency

If you have come down to the final one or two agencies, you are in a position to make the final selection and sign the contract. Go ahead and meet the agencies in their environment. Meet the team that is to be assigned to you in case you are to go ahead. This will be the final test for the agency. Any clarification and final discussion can be held now. Once you have finalized an agency, go ahead and sign up a partnership for a bright future.

The search for the right digital marketing agency in Pune will hence come to an end.

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