How Is 5G Technology Revolutionizing Wireless Communication?

How Is 5G Technology Revolutionizing Wireless Communication?

Just like 3G and 4G, the revolution of 5G technology has brought a significant change in our lives. The upcoming 5G technology has the potential to revolutionize both societies and our modern lifestyle. With so many amazing benefits, 5G would inevitably be going to have a good impact on major industries.

According to vxchange, 5G networks will cover 40% of the world by 2024, handling 25% of all mobile traffic data

This technology includes all the advanced features like higher speed, the ability to connect more devices, and more responsive to play massive videos. For the very first time, 5G extends the use of wireless technologies across different sectors like commercial, education, and social sectors. These all areas are heavily investing in this technology to meet the needs of a faster data rate. There are three main sectors in which the 5G would be transforming wireless technology, including:

  • Spectral efficiency: Making an optimal use for the multiple frequencies for the high bandwidth used across long distances from the one base station.
  • Energy Efficiency: Leverage the technological benefits for both transmitters and servers, which drastically reduce the cost.
  • Utilization: Telecommunication will create additional revenue generated from edge computing and mobile application hosting with simple public cloud servers.

Let discuss in more detail how 5G technology is revolutionizing wireless communication:

Enhancement in the Speeds of Wireless Networks

The 5G network is offering a way to transfer large amounts of data at higher frequencies. The existing Wi-Fi networks are now smoothly accessed without any difficulty. As compared to the bands below 6GHz used for 4G LTE, Millimeter waves are now able to broadcast between 30GHz and 300GHz frequencies. Well, you can say 5G is the newest generation of mobile cellular technology that has enhanced the internet speed of wireless networks.

Connecting World of Devices at the Same Time

It is another crucial benefit that comes along with 5G technology. This technology has provided a way to connect several devices at the same time. Be it a laptop or your mobile device, every connected device will get the right amount of internet speed. It is all becomes possible with low portable base stations like small cells that can be placed throughout the cities to form a multifaceted infrastructure.

As compared to 4G base stations, this technology enables base stations to support many more antennas. Both the source and the destination have multiple antennas with MIMO, which means there is an excellent enhancement in efficiency and speed.

Low Latency Rate around 1 Millisecond

The responsiveness is crucial for the gamers as they are always admiring to play graphic-rich videos in a better way. It is surprising to know that 5G technology offers a low latency rate to just 1-millisecond. Latency refers to the response time that is taken to complete all the steps from the time you click on the video to start streaming on your phone. With the invention of 5G technology, Beamforming offers a great way to deliver data delivery routes to individuals. This beamforming also makes it possible to perform transmission both vertically and horizontally.

Another advancement in 5G technology is full-duplex communication. It is the path to double the speed of wireless connection potentially. When 5G full-duplex scheme is employed on a single channel, the data is further transmitted to and from the base station only with the single-channel instead of two.

Connects with Advanced Devices

With the low-latency connectivity feature of the 5G network, all the smart devices of today’s world can be replaced with the terminals. The IoT is one of the critical developments in the last decade, and 5G can make it effectively and efficiently smart with the edge computing systems. Starting from the kitchen appliances to the climate control system, they will play a significant role in the side to control the system. These devices can be produced and also controlled easily.

Currently, the IoT products are majorly supported by the Wi-Fi routers. So every home must be able to afford the routers, and some people specifically have dedicated Wi-Fi too. With 5G, it becomes a central hub for the entire neighborhood. The wireless becomes enabled, and even there are proven possibilities for making M2M communication easier. With the 5G as the base station, the robots are helping in the manufacturing, construction, assembling, and other tasks as well.

Cloud Computing made easier

The internet with 5G technologies becomes the facilitator for the Wide Area Networks (WAN). They provide potential channels for distributed cloud computing services to the customers. The users are mostly now involved in Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, which can now be opted by the hyper-scale data centers. 5G can make the telecommunications worthier while there is always a larger space in cloud computing. Now the competitors are fighting with high intensity but critical workloads. However, the edge computing will turn the entire scenario. It will mainly bring the processing power forward; now customers have access to unrestricted technology, minimized latency period, especially with distance.

When the latencies are reduced enough, there are higher chances that the applications do not need any larger device. They require only small chips and terminals. Even smartphones can be replaced with less process power technology that supports cloud computing.

Low-cost Infrastructure

Usually, when a country launches 5G technology, it will be controlled by its municipal monopolies. For example, the US countries, both the cable provider and the broadband providers are the same. However, it is continuously monitored by the Municipality and its regulatory bodies. In this case, the technology only requires hubs and not industries for delivering the connectivity. Also, to reduce the investment of the 5G operators, there are only small transmitters provided with the lower power, which you can also use it personally by carrying anywhere. However, the coverage would be lesser than the typical 4G. But for just one or two devices, they work with the maximum potential. With one estimate for the area, more than 400 towers are covered today, which reduces the deployment cause considerably low in transforming to wireless technology


Therefore the above article clearly explains the transformational stage of the 5G technology being implied in every industry. Especially with the wireless feature, they offer big beneficiaries for every common man. To establish the 5G technology across the country, the Government and regulators must consider this as national infrastructure development. The countries that are already using it have foreseen the development based on bringing more digital visions into reality. It is a leap forward decision as it enables the telecommunication goals to reach faster, achieve larger, and succeed longer

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